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Rutgers Plans Bruce Springsteen Theology Class

Anyone who has listened to much Bruce Springsteen has surely noticed the singer's fondness for biblical allusions in his lyrics, now Rutgers University is making a study of them. The college in New Brunswick, New Jersey, will be offering a freshman seminar examining the theology of Sprinsteen...

A new college theology course on Bruce Springsteen

It's been quite a week for me. First I had a somewhat reasonable educational excuse to write about John Lennon - school records showing that he was quite adept at getting detentions were  being put up for sales. And now, thanks to Rutgers University, I get to write about a new Bruce Springsteen course.

Bruce Springsteen Theology Class At Rutgers Makes Us Want To Go Back To College

Bruce Springsteen may not immediately come to mind when thinking of spiritual leaders, but the rock icon's song lyrics are actually rich with theological references and imagery, a topic that Professor Azzan Yadin-Israel explored in a class Rutgers University.

Rutgers University Offers Class on Theology of Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics have always been peppered with spiritual imagery, be it the nuns in "Vatican Halls... screaming immaculate conception” or his referencing those looking for a "reason to believe." Springsteen, who was born in a Roman Catholic household, has explored themes of faith, redemption, and uses biblical themes often in his music.

Blessing or curse? Bruce Springsteen is now the subject of a theology course

As befits a singer whose fans greet him with religious fervour, whose songs often contain references to faith – and many of whose female characters are called Mary - Bruce Springsteen has become the subject of theology course at Rutgers University in his home state of New Jersey.


Studying springsteen: talking about bruce with azzan yadin-israel

A short interview made by New Jersey Monthly with Azzan, author of The Grace of God and the Grace of Man, discussing his recent book release about Bruce Springsteen and the theological overtones of his music.

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